Self Defense for Women in Japan

According to the textbooks there’s an old school way of dealing with a would be attacker or pervert in the streets of Japan. If this fails then it’s time to pull out the Alaskan Bear Pepper Spray.

Self Defense Japane

1) If a thug attacks you from the front and tries to choke you…

2) Quickly duck your head and lean forward to avoid his arm from choking


Self Defense for Women in Japan

3) Stretch your body and headbutt him in the bottom of the chin


Self Defense Tokyo

4) Then, knee him straight in the balls


Japanese self defense

5) When he is crouched over in pain, drop an elbow the spinal cord


women in Japan

6) Next, hold his head with both of your hands and knee him in the face as much as possible


violent women

7) Stand behind him when he falls to the ground and stomp his ribs


women fight back japan

8) Stomp his ribs as hard as you can with your heal. Repeat if necessary.



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2 Responses to Self Defense for Women in Japan

  1. Jackie Easler says:

    Good to know! Running has been my only form of self defense but maybe I should try this instead.

  2. looks like fun. i’ll have to do that headbutt to somebody sometime.

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