Tokyo Gyaru

Oh… the Gyaru (gals) in Japan. This is what the Ganguro, Mamba, Yamamba, Kogyaru and Himegyaru all fall under. Whatever style you choose, you are in the circle of Gyaru.

All the subcultures of this group of Gyaru are over the top and unique to Japan. Those who are not so extreme with their makeup and fashion can actually be good looking but others flat out scary.

They all have their own secret language for text messaging called Gyaru-Moji and there’s no way a normal person could understand it.

Don’t ask me why trance and house music ever got associated with the Gyaru. They even tweek Disney songs and make it their own by putting in trance in the background. ParaPara (dance style) was created because of this and its absolutely hilarious but believe it or not, it’s very popular in Japan.

One of the most popular Gyaru groups in the music industry is Gyaruru. The lead singer is Gyaru Sone. She’s not only a singer… she’s also the girl that wins all of the eating contests in Japan.

Gyaru style has become very popular all around the world.

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