1GB Tuna Sushi USB Drive


It’s pretty ridiculous… but I kinda want one. The Tuna Sushi USB Drive is 1GB - that’s a lot of memory in one tasty looking nigiri. Tell me this isn’t the perfect stocking stuffer!!

Product Description
Why carry around dull and boring USB Drives? Use the Tuna Sushi USB drive and be the envy of all your friends (okay, some of your friends!). So realistic you might be tempted to use chopsticks!! 5 Year Warranty!

Get your Tuna Sushi Drive here on Amazon.com


6 thoughts on “1GB Tuna Sushi USB Drive

  1. いいねぇ〜〜

  2. あきらさん! バンクーバーで会いましょぅ。
    来月行くから good timing じゃないですか?

    have fun and be safe my man!


  3. I have no idea what you folks are talking about, but I think you’re right about the USB sushi being ridiculous!

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