Sukiyaki Sunday

Sukiyaki is another quick and easy Japanese dish that’s absolutely delicious. It’s fun to cook and it’s perfect for small parties. Notice we use an electrical skillet as opposed to a gas stove that’s commonly used in Japan and other Asian countries. My wife was severely burned in an accident a couple years ago using a faulty gas stove so we’ll never use one of those again!



The main ingredient of sukiyaki is thinly sliced beef cooked on the table in a hot-pot with lots of veggies.



Chop up veggies into bite sized pieces :: we use the following :: shungiku (the green stuff), enoki mushrooms, konyaku, shirataki (konyaku strips), shiitake mushrooms, hakusai (nappa cabbage), tofu, negi (green onions). If you can’t find shungiku then you can use spinach which is just as good.


Notice the negi is cut diagonally which looks better and allows the veggie to absorb more sauce and to cook quickly.


First throw some of the meat in the skillet and brown it. At the same time, in a separate bowl, mix soy sauce, water and mirin which will be the base.


Once the meat is browned add the veggies and pour the sauce over the top.


Let it simmer for a bit and add sugar to your liking. The veggies will release lots of water so you’ll have to add soy sauce and sugar while it cooks. Don’t add everything all at once. Sukiyaki is cooked over a long period of time by continuously adding ingredients. Eat with a bowl of rice and a dip the sukiyaki in a raw egg once you take it from the pot.


If you use a gas stove in your home then I strongly suggest replacing it with an electrical stove. On you can find a slow-cooker which will get the job done and it’s safe!


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2 Responses to Sukiyaki Sunday

  1. Kancho-ru says:

    Way to lay out the directions. I bet it was a nice meal.

  2. Rob V says:

    I would chow that whole pot.

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