NBA Playoffs Are Heating Up

The 2014 NBA Playoffs

The greatest moment in sporting history has finally arrived and it is already living up to the expectations of many visit to attend this event. We are down to the last eight and the defining moments for the best teams, players and managers has finally come. For some things are looking good and comfortable while for others things are not as cozy.

Let’s start with Lebron and company. Well, this is among the most predictable entities in the league and without a doubt they are likely to go to the finals and most possibly take it for a three-peat. They have shown consistence and dominance all along and the Nets are seemingly unable to contain the barrage of points from James. However, the Spurs on the other hand are on a revenge mission and they too might make it to the final. If they do, it will be a repeat of the last season but only time will tell if the results will be the same.

After going ice cold in the last bit of the league, the Pacers finally seem to have gotten their groove back and their defense prowess can be seen by how efficient they have become against the wizards. The revival and resurrection of center Roy Hibbert may have played a pivotal role but their inconsistencies may cost them the league. However, one can’t overlook the fact that at their best, they are among the few teams that can actually beat the Heat convincingly.

Newly crowned MVP Kevin Durant is on a mission to concrete his position as the best player in the league, with a title. Even though facing a stubborn Clippers side that despite facing major scandal seem to be relentless, if the Thunder does overcome them there will be no stopping all the way to the finals. Nevertheless, after washing down Steph Curry and his counterparts, the Clippers are starting to seem like a team that really wants to win this thing but the Thunders are a big hurdle and with the series tied at 2 all, sit tight and see who gets the better of who on this one.

With that said, it is more likely than not that we will see a recap of last season as the aged but highly efficient Spurs meet the highly hated and athletic Heat but again this is the NBA where anything can happen. We just have to wait and see how it turns out.