Seattle Repeat Superbowl Chances

2014 Season Outlook for Seattle

The second round of the NFL Draft kicks off tonight, and no fan base is looking forward to it more than Seattle’s “twelfth man” considering the Seahawks didn’t draft a player in last night’s first round. They traded down at the very end of the night gaining an extra pick to have another shot at grabbing a contributing player for the upcoming season. Let’s hope this last minute strategy is a one-off event and doesn’t really turn into a routine. Cheap Seattle Seahawks tickets are going to be difficult to find this season following a super bowl championship.

Last season ended on a high note with the thrashing of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. However, winning a Super Bowl almost guarantees a departure of one or more key contributors. Those departures were leading wide receiver Golden Tate, who also provided key special teams contributions. Losing Red Bryant and Chris Clemons will also weaken the dominant Seattle defense that led them throughout most of the season last year including a few week stretch where Russel Wilson played awful (the loss to Arizona at home where he had a total QBR of 49.6 stand out the most). On the positive side, the team was able to resign Micheal Bennet and Richard Sherman to good deals keeping two of the most important players on the defensive side of the ball there, and happy. With these two still there in the team there is still hope of a turnaround.

Seattle has more than enough picks in the draft to replace what they lost in free agency especially if you consider how well Pete Carol has done with the developing of later round picks. I believe they will be right back in the division race with the 49ers, and Cardinals who will be even tougher this year and will give the Niners and the Seahawks problems this season. They are one to watch out for sure as they come into the season with an enviable record and tremendous form.

My prediction? Seattle will finish with a very good record of 11-5 just behind the 49ers at 11-5 who will win the division with tie-breakers. Seattle will go in as a wild card team and do some damage in the first two rounds, before falling in the NFC title game. But that’s just my two cents. We have seen over the past seasons that Seattle has tumbled towards the end which has been the main cause of them getting out of the competition.