2014 Dodgers


The Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the most renowned teams and getting Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets is a difficult task . This season, fans can expect even better results and success from the team. As the season opens, the Los Angeles Dodgers seems to be one of the teams that will succeed, winning most of the games. Yes, there are few chances that maybe missed and it is possible that the team may lose one or two games, but overall the success of the Los Angeles team is almost guaranteed. The side looks formidable and all pepped up to give every team a run for their money.

The Los Angeles Dodgers in the past season and in the current one invested heavily in gaining the best, the crème de la crème of the game. There are critics who have seen the heavy investment as a serious risk for the team, however many feel that it will indeed pay off. With such extremely good talent, the choice and line ups for the various games will bring anxiety to the other teams. The combination of the new players, rookies, together with veterans in the game is quite unique and one that is guaranteed to take this team straight to the top. Let the naysayers say what they will, because the Dodgers have got all the elements to ensure that they have a successful run this season.

During the off season, the team has taken up much of the time preparing for matches. Although preparations have not been as intensive as they will be in the new season, they have served to make sure that the team has grown in sync. It will also help the players get into playing mode and maintain focus for the upcoming season. The players are now able to work better together, taking advantage of their strengths and diminishing the areas where they were weak in the last season. It seems like the Dodgers are not resting until they have learnt from their last season mistakes. They look extremely determined to avenge their previous defeats and start this season with a fresh, clutter-free mindset.

There are fans who think that injuries to some of their great players such as Billlingsley and Beckett, could damage their chances of success. However, new gains such as Maholm and Haren, are likely to balance out the gains and losses and start training to ensure that every player is on the same page.