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Live and Fun Concerts in Chicago

Do you love great music?
For all of the music lovers, some big names (and some up-and-comers who you might not know) are on their way to Chicago in the next few months starting with the month of May 2014. Lollapaloza also is held in Chicago so buy concert tickets online asap. Let us look briefly on the next live concerts in Chicago in the next few months. Get ready for some hard-hitting and mind blowing concerts that await Chicago.

• To start with, let us examine the nearest concerts in Chicago. They include, the May 16th concert by Lana Del Rey. She is one of the top American female singers. She is out with her first single- video. She usually has a moving vocal and sings of romance sweetly and has received several music awards. A bright, up and coming music artiste is what would describe her the best.

• May 17th two famous sisters are set to bring Chicago to a stop. Danielle and Alana Haim this spring, will tour across America and will be in Chicago by 17th May to introduce their newly released album called “Days are Gone”. Through this tour, the two sisters will be featuring the crowds’ favorite “Forever, Don’t Save Me”. The two sisters produce the best of rocks. Together, they create magic on stage, always.

• May 31st, Jack Johnson will be touring northerly Island Chicago. He is a kingpin in the production of Pop/Rock music of the 21st century. He is famous for writing breezy pop songs. His songs have a soothing quality and that’s what resonates with the general population.

• Chicago will be welcomed to the month of June by the famous goddess of pop music who returns in the field after 12 years of break. Her name is CHER. She had three definitive careers one of which was intertwined with her ex-husband. She has worn various awards including the Academy award –winning status. She is no stranger to the music scene and her concert is one of the most awaited ones of all.

• June 6th, Tamar Braxton will tour Chicago who found her fame through her love and war songs. She is an actress and star of the reality TV show. She possesses exceptional songwriter and singing skills. She refers to war and love songs as an opinionated and insightful individual which takes a smart and energetic effort to bring out the message. Not just that, she looks like a million bucks as well. We are all waiting for her to visit Chicago.